Top 5 Reasons to Use Glycerin Soap

Published: 04th June 2009
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Glycerin soap is becoming more popular as the benefits of using this type of bath product become more apparent. In addition to the wide variety of pretty scents and colors, there are actual skin and health benefits to using this type of soap instead of a traditional bar soap. These are the top five reasons to use soap made from glycerin.

Glycerin Softens Skin

Soaps made from glycerin can be slippery and it can be difficult to keep a grip on this type of bar soap. This is because glycerin is a humectant, which means that it draws moisture into the skin. If you use this product during a warm bath or shower, the moisture will be able to settle in to your skin so it remains there throughout the rest of the day.

Glycerin is Gentle

Regular bar soaps contain chemicals that can be very harsh on sensitive skin. People with chemical sensitivities can experience dry skin, rashes, and other symptoms due to irritation from these soaps. Glycerin soap is much more gentle because it does not contain these harsh chemicals. You can reduce skin irritation and associated problems by switching to soaps made out of glycerin.

Glycerin Contains No Carcinogens

Some bar soaps actually contain carcinogens and other harsh chemicals that can contribute to the development of cancer and other medical conditions. You do not want to use these products on your children's skin or even your own skin. Switching to glycerin soap can help you avoid these chemicals.

Glycerin is Safe for the Environment

Because regular bar soaps use harsh chemicals, they are not very good for the environment. Each time this type of soap drains out of the shower or tub, it can leak into the water supply, causing damage to plants and even causing animals to get sick. Glycerin is environmentally safe, so you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the environment in your community.

Glycerin Soap Comes in a Variety of Colors, Shapes, and Scents

Traditional bar soap usually comes in just one shape and the variety of colors doesn't give you much to choose from. Handmade glycerin soap can be created in all the colors of the rainbow so that the soap perfectly matches your bathroom color scheme. Scents can also be added to this type of soap, helping you to relax or feel refreshed as you take a shower or bubble bath. Lavender, Vanilla, Coconut and other scents can be used with glycerin to create the perfect soap product. Handmade soaps that contain glycerin can also be placed in molds so that they are made into shapes. Hearts are very popular for Valentines Day as well as for Bridal showers, and there are many other shapes and sizes that can make bathing fun!

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